2 Week Diet

2 Week Diet

We live in an age of microwaves, instant text messaging, and wi-fi. We want things now, and we want them fast! Enter the 2 Week Diet!

Often when people decide that they would like to lose weight, they want to see results instantly.

But most of the time, we seldom see results because our bodies take time to respond to changes we make.

The majority of weight loss programs state that it takes anything from sixty days to three months to achieve results. This is just too long for most of us in this instant world, and we tend to throw in the towel.

However, if you ever watched the reality show “Survivor,” you’ll have noticed that the contestants lose incredible chunks of weight in a very short amount of time. So, rapid weight loss is evidently possible provided you know what to do.

2 Week Diet
Enter the 2 Week Diet!

Among the best selling products on fast weight loss is Brian Flatt’s ‘2 Week Diet’. It has sold tens of thousands of copies and garnered many positive reviews. Since Brian is a fitness expert, he has devised a system to help you achieve results in the shortest possible time. It is by no means a simple program, but there is no doubt that it really works.

So let’s dive in and weigh up the pros and cons of this program.



Brian Flatt’s 2 Week Diet regime is an online hit, and you can find lots of anecdotal positive feedback from buyers who testified that it worked for them. It goes directly against conventional weight loss advice which recommends taking a relaxed and steady approach.

While the program claims that you can lose 16 pounds in just a fortnight, this is unrealistic and certainly cannot be recommended. You would be better advised to aim for 8 to 10 pounds. But even then you would see a noticeable difference in your body.

2 Week Diet
You would be better advised to aim for 8 to 10 pounds. But even then you would see a noticeable difference in your body.


The detail in the guide is accurate, and Brian is a credible and highly respected fitness authority. The 2 Week Diet is not based on untested theory, and you’ll not be asked to do enemas or other weird stuff to lose your weight.

However, your diet will need to be VERY strict indeed. It’s a highly effective regimen, but some may struggle to make such drastic changes to their diet overnight. But the big pay-off is that you only need to do it for 2 weeks and you’ll get the results.


The 2 Week Diet is laid out systematically to help you progress rapidly. It includes a ‘Launch Handbook’ which explains why most people fail with their diet and weight loss goals. By being aware of all the pitfalls, you are better placed to avoid them.

You’ll also be provided with a ‘Diet Handbook’ which will include all the information you require to tailor a diet which will accelerate your weight loss within those 2 weeks. This is the most essential component of this regimen. You MUST get your diet right to achieve the best results.

Another component is the ‘Activity Handbook,’ and this is where you’ll learn the exercises you need to do to help you shed that stubborn fat in double quick time. The best news is that you really don’t need to spend hours at the gym. These workouts are short and intended to raise your metabolism while the diet does the real work.

The final component is the excellent ‘Motivation Handbook.’ Even though this is only a 2-week diet, it is not an easy one because you are going to be making significant changes very quickly. Many will feel demotivated and want to quit. This is where the “Motivation Handbook” comes into its own; it will lift your spirits, keep you focussed and ensure that you keep on going.


The most significant advantage of this program is proclaimed in its title! It has been designed to help you see results fast. That alone will motivate you to continue. After the achievements of the initial 2 weeks, ideally, you should slow down and adopt a more controlled approach to your weight loss. The body needs time to adapt.


The 2 Week Diet is written in a simple, straightforward and easy to follow style. Anybody wishing to lose weight rapidly will benefit from it if they follow the instructions.


What is interesting is that despite the claim that you can lose weight in just 2 weeks, the program has 2-month money back guarantee! So, you have 60 days to test it out. If you’re not pleased with the results, Brian will give you a refund.




Not surprisingly, losing weight in 2 weeks is NOT an easy proposition and this is NOT a simple diet to follow. It will work, and you can lose weight, but ultimately it will all depend on you and your will power; it is going to be tough. You’ll need discipline, and therefore, you can’t afford to skip the workouts.

Consistency and compliance are of the utmost importance if you want this diet to work for you.


This is a digital product. You’ll need an internet connection and some kind of screen to access it; computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.

Should You Get 2 Week Diet?

If you need or want to lose some weight fast, perhaps for a wedding, a holiday or high school reunion, Brian Flatt’s 2 Week Diet will really help you.

It is proven to work.

It’s certainly not a healthy approach to weight loss so you shouldn’t follow it for any longer than those two weeks! But sometimes you may be short on time, or perhaps you just have a few pounds of stubborn body fat that you need to ditch to make you ‘beach body’ ready.

At times like these, the 2 Week Diet is manna from heaven!

Give this diet a try, YOU WILL be amazed by how effective it is.

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