30 Minute Money Methods for 2019

30 Minute Money Methods for 2019

Each day, thousands of people go on the internet and attempt to make money online. The uncomfortable truth is that something like 95% of them quit and never make a dime. Often, many of them lose money in the process; they buy programs and eBooks that consist primarily of untested theory and exaggerated claims.

The key to success online is to find a reputable, “tried and tested” program developed by someone with a proven track record. “30 Minute Money Methods”, by Shelly West, has become an online sensation and has sold thousands of copies. There are a plethora of positive reviews from customers who have bought this product.

Even though the sales copy on the page is exaggerated to the point of being almost ‘hypey,’ the methods in the guide are proven to work, and people are making a living with them.

30 Minute Money Methods

So, will you make $500 in half an hour like the sales page claims? Well, most likely not!

To get to this stage will take perseverance and effort over time. However, you will undoubtedly be able to make an extra $500 to a couple of thousand dollars a month once you have mastered all the techniques.

The thing is; most people just want to supplement their primary income with a little extra to give themselves a bit of “breathing-space” financially…life becomes more comfortable when you are able to pay off those bills and still have enough money left over to splash out on those little luxuries.

The 30 Minute Money Methods system will help you get there.

30 Minute Money Methods; the Positives:


This training comes as a fully comprehensive 30 part video course, and there is a support desk to provide help and guidance if you need it.

The system is all about making money online so you will not need to make cold calls and approach people in person, etc.

This course is ideal for beginners because it is all laid out in a step-by-step and easy to follow format.


Shelly’s 30 Minute Money Methods has become a bestseller and has been around for several years now. Thousands of customers have already proved that this is a workable system. Yes, the sales copy “hypes things up” by saying that Shelly makes $35 thousand, but there is no getting around the fact that good money is to be made here. It’s not going to be as much as $35k…certainly not in the beginning anyway. So, it is essential that you are aware of this before you commit yourself.


The methods outlined in this program are not complicated and do not require specialized technical skills. You will be providing services that people need. Without giving away too many spoilers, the methods revolve around voiceovers, stock photography, playing online games and freelancing.

None of these methods are “rocket science.” Most of us will be able to do them. Many people are already making good money with this so the system will work if you work the system!


You have four methods to choose from… and two extra “bonus” methods as well. There’s something for everyone here.


You also have sixty days to test this method out thoroughly. If you don’t make a cent during this time (which is highly unlikely), you can always ask for a refund.

30 minute money methods

30 Minute Money Methods; the Negatives:


While the methods work, there is a bit of education involved, and this system is not as easy as it is made to seem. You will need to apply yourself and devote your time to reach the stage where you can make $500 in half an hour…it is possible, but there IS work involved. If you’re expecting quick and easy riches, this program is not for you!


You’ll need a computer, smart phone or tablet as well as an internet connection to use the methods in this program. You cannot apply these 30 Minute Money Methods offline.


The sales page uses what is known as “blind copy.” You are left in the dark about what you’re getting into or the fine detail until you purchase the product.

Hmm! Should You Get It or not?

If you want to make money, this program is as good as any to get you started. The methods are simple, and while you’re not going to become a millionaire overnight, these are legitimate ways of making money using the internet.

In essence, you’ll be providing services; voiceovers, stock photography, freelancing, etc. which are all practical and reliable methods of making a living. Perhaps you will need to develop some new skills, but with patience, time and practice you will master them.

Manage your expectations and follow the program, you’ll be able to earn a thousand dollars or more a month. It will probably take a while before you reach Shelly’s level, but with effort and consistency, you will get there.

30 Minute Money Methods

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